Top 14 Cool Tech Gagdets For Your Crib in 2017.



Your home is your nest, your very own castle where you unplug, put your feet up and totally be at peace with your world.

With cool tech gadgets, you will enjoy spending loads of time at home and be very happy to show off your swanky man cave to friends.

Here is a list of top must have cool tech gadgets that will enhance your living room experience.



A Smart TV.

lg smart tv

The living room is, well, the living place! And what better way to keep it alive than to have a beast mode HD flat screen gadget with all the functionalities of a SMART television.

Nowadays, high quality sets can be bought at a reasonably affordable price. High quality television sets such as the LG range of smart television have won hearts with their amazing picture quality.

The LED Satellite TV offers great value for the money. At 55 inches, it will always command an awesome presence in your living room.



Top of the range Gaming Console.

sony ps4

You may not need a streaming device if you have a gaming console such as the Sony Playstation 4 which supports many streaming apps.

The Xbox One is a premium entertainment hub, but for strict gaming enthusiasts, Sony’s beast is the in thing, a must have cool tech gadget for premium gaming, very popular and the ideal candidate for a game duel with your buddies.



Smart Universal Remote control.

wireless smart remote

A universal remote control ensures you do not have to line up all your gadgets’ remote controls and fiddle diddle just to get your home gadgets to function.

Top of the pack universal remote controls such as the Logitech home control is compatible with many smart gadgets and integrates seamlessly, thus eliminating the need for multiple remote controls for the different gadgets.

You can alternate your living room lights, or switch music channels without leaving your comfy sofa.

Once set up, the one click activity buttons simplify your entertainment experience.



A Wireless Keyboard.

Your internet ready smart TV will be of great value to you if you have a wireless keyboard.

Searching for shows or fully converting your TV into an internet hub will become as easy as a breeze.

Logitech has some of the best wireless keyboards in the market. With a  Magideal Ultra Thin wireless Keyboard for example, navigation becomes very intuitive, easy and fun.

All the sluggishness with typing with your remote control will be eliminated via your Bluetooth enabled keyboard that boasts of in- built touch pads.



Astounding Speakers.

ihome speakers

Some of your gadgets will need to breathe via a clean and precisely detailed sound system.

A Great audiophile and awesome bass, crisp and soothing sound system is a must have gadget that  helps to create different types of ambience in the living room to accentuate the different occasions happening in your crib.

The ihome split portable speaker is classy and provides excellent value at a cheap amount. If you have deep pockets you will not go wrong with maximum sound effects from the elite, premium quality Samsung MX JS.



Bluetooth Headsets.

bluedio wireless

There will be times when you will need to just tune out either to concentrate on a project or to lull yourself to breezy dreams.

You will need a good headset that gently caresses your ears while delivering crisp top quality sound without rupturing your ear drums.

Beats by Dr. Dre is a must have gadget, the gold standard, but Bluedio Wireless is one of many affordable alternatives  that effortlessly cancels out external noise while delivering a powerful sound effect.



Streaming device.

chromecast gadget

To fully utilize your smart television capabilities, you will need a streaming device to put your favorite TV shows, movies, sports and apps right on the big screen.

A good device will connect effortlessly with the internet and beam online content to your living room.

The Google ChromeCast is an affordable choice that can be controlled from your tablet, smartphone or laptops. It connects to Netflix, Hulu, HBO , Youtube, and many other content providers.



Wireless Router.

tp link gadget

Your smart living room will need a fast home Wi-Fi system to effortless hook all your sleek gadgets on the superhighway.

Dlink Wireless router is a household name and most are considerably affordable, but the TP Link devices are chic and deliver highly efficient wireless connection, linking many of your smart internet enabled devices for optimum performance and premium content.



Smart LED lighting.

smart led light

You can choose to give your room a certain aura by getting a LED technology powered bulb that also saves you energy costs.

And you know what is awesome too?  You can control the color effects with your smartphone.

The Generic 6w Wireless also comes with Bluetooth technology and in built speakers!  This is a feature that allows you to combine lighting with music. Great lighting also adds a lot of  fun to a party environment.



Digital photo frame.

smart digital frame

A digital frame is a good place to show off all those beautiful photos in your digital camera. it frees up your wall space for art décor.

The smiling cheeky photos of your loved ones on auto display will complete the soothing, homely effect.

Motion sensor enabled digital photo frames will turn on the most recent photos and videos when you enter your living and turn it off when no one is around. It can be automated to behave just the way you want.

The Generic 15 inch LED Frame is a cool tech gadget that plays music and movies and integrates seamlessly with your smart remote control.



Coffee Machine.

coffee gadget

Oh well, great coffee will help to calm you down or keep you company while you doodle on your tablet or smartphone.

A good coffee machine will help you with a fantastic brew without much effort on your part.

The De’ Longhi coffee maker is a cool tech gadget. Also top of the range but  relatively affordable, the Sabichi  coffee maker will brew excellent coffee for you to sip and relax your body and mind.



Surge Protector.

surge protector

Your smart gadgets will need to be plugged into something that connects them to electricity. A  good surge protector is a must have cool tech gadget that prevents all your swanky, prized equipment from unforeseen high voltage.

The Solatek Multiguard protector is affordable and gets the job done. An AVS 30 appliance guard may be needed to prevent  your cherished gadgets from blowing up in the event of a sudden power fluctuation.


smart gadget purifier

Air Purifier.

Your man cave will need a gadget to remove dust and foul odor, prevent mosquitoes and deter bacteria.

The Excelvan Purifier looks classy and offers an affordable way to purify and enhance the quality of air in your sleek, smart living space.


On a final note, I totally love the Amazon Echo.

The Echo fully understands all your requests and can connect effortlessly with all the smart gadgets in your man cave.

Alexa, the AI- artificial intelligence- at the heart of the device can take instructions from you to control lighting, set alarms, jot down your dictations, schedule appointments on your behalf, compile your to do lists and even play your favorite songs and read your audio books to you.

The Echo is a futuristic device, a must have cool tech gadget that can become the hub of your smart home.




Best 7 Affordable Living Room TV to buy in 2017




The TV is where all the action happens in most living rooms, from watching movies and shows to immersing in a great gaming experience.


Price and screen size considerations aside, you should be aware of the features of any great TV set before making the ultimate buying decision.


There are all kinds of TVs in the market, all of them with interesting technology and build. There are major features that set one TV box apart from the other. All great TV sets are defined by:


The screen size.

Television sets come in different sizes, and could range from a modest 24 inch to 50 inches and in between or even a 98-inch beast. Of course the bigger the screen size, the bigger and real life-like the image projection.


The size of your TV screen should be determined by the size of your living room.

It is generally agreed that smaller living rooms are better served by smaller TV screens.


At some six feet away from your sofa, a 60 inch or more screen would be perfectly suited to the eyes and the viewing experience. A room with a sofa closer to the TV would be better served by a lesser inch set, especially the 32-inch type.


The TV Resolution.

How many distinct pixels can be displayed in each dimensions of the TV?


Once upon a time the choice was between a 1080 pixels and a 720-pixel television resolution. Nowadays, the 1080-pixel TV has become a lot cheaper, thus blurring the need for the 720p to even be in the buying decision.


The main comparison now is whether to go all the way for a 4k Ultra High definition or even the 8k UHD TV as these have become an increasingly affordable technology.


The 4k UHD can display up to 8 million pixels. The 8k UHD is more powerful and is rightly termed Super Hi-vision.


The HDR – High Dynamic Range-technology is a bit different from the UHD and has also become increasingly affordable. It produces a greater range of color but the resolution is almost at the same rate with that of the UHD.


The HDR technology rides on the LCD and OLED technology to produce greater light from the pixels. The more the pixels display, the better the viewing experience.


Should I buy the Plasma, LCD, LED or OLED?


The plasma technology has since been jettisoned. Oh well, I still have my 2008 LG Plasma TV which emits a lot of heat, but still with great picture quality.

I guess the heat emission means more energy consumption, which effectively means more electricity bill.


The Liquid Crystal Display-LCD– only TVs use cold cathode fluorescent for backlight. This has been mostly discontinued as modern day LCDs are lighted by LED-Light Emitting Diode.


Thin, lighter television sets are lighted by LED at the edges of the panels as opposed to thicker television sets whose LED is located behind the TV panels. The thinner and brighter the lighting and display, the better the viewing experience.


Organic Light Emitting Diode-OLED– is a newer, more expensive technology.

Closer to the Plasma technology, it generates both great colors and light from the pixels, and allows for smaller and thinner screens.  A good example of this kind of television set is the LG OLED TV


Apps World and The Internet.


Your new TV should allow for a wide range of apps. Wi-Fi enabled sets give you access to YouTube and Netflix or Amazon streaming services, and even video calls via Skype and Facebook.

Of course, Internet connectivity opens the gate to a world of  streaming online premium content and for your gaming pleasures.


And You Love 3D?

For special effects, your TV may also come with Three Dimensional-3D- capabilities which is great for movies with loads of action, stunts, high octane effects and of course, for serious video immersion.


Nowadays, flat screen TVs come with High Definition Multimedia Interface- HDMI- for transmitting video and audio. This is for your cable TV, camcorders, game consoles, tablets, etc.   The latest ones fully support the 4k UHD technology.


So which television set should you buy?


Well, Review Mansion did some research on your behalf and these are our findings. These are not the most expensive or least expensive out there but are good TVs that offer good value for the money spent on them.


Here they are, our top 7 affordable Television sets for your living room experience.



  1. Sony 50 Inch 3D Smart TV.


sony smart tv

Sony products need no special introduction.

This 50-inch beast will immerse you in 3D and totally blow you away with its full HD display and amazing sound.

It is a state of the art gadget that comes with Bluetooth technology and smartphone and tablet controls.

This Sony TV has Motion Flow XR 960 Technology and one touch mirroring with your smartphone.

With an out of this world display, all the smart features of an android phone get an extended version on this machine. A gadget with completely wireless capabilities, it can connect wirelessly to a wireless keyboard or a premium game such as the Xbox 360.

And there is photography too!  A camera can be mounted to capture great moments in still or video format.

This machine’s other features include:

  • Google cast and Miracast mirroring.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Social and streaming apps.
  • 4 HDMI, 2 USB ports.
  • 20w speaker system.
  • Full HD 1920 by 1080 led panel.


This is a premium quality equipment well worth it’s price, and will totally transform your living room viewing experience.

Buy it here.




  1. Grundig 42 Inch Full HD 3D Smart TV.


smart tv

This 42-inch set is a strong quality SMART inter@ctive TV packed with all the features of a high end, energy efficient premium television set.

Encased in an elegant aluminum design, it has SRS Studio Sound HD technology that billows 60 watts of power.


The other high end features in this TV include:

  • Native 4k UHD resolution 3840 by 2160 pixels., full HD 1920 by 1080
  • Wi-Fi.
  • 3D.
  • 30 watts Integrated woofer system.
  • HDMI and USB ports.


The images on this set look alive and the woofer and SRS sound pack in the complete cinema effect, giving you a strong wow effect.

Buy it here.




  1. LG 43 Inch Full HD WebSO 3D Smart TV.

lg smart tv


The WebSO 2.0 gives you a complete and interactive access to your favorite apps and streaming content.

With a Pilot Magic remote control, it follows in the footstep of other great LG TVs- top of the range and exceptional.

The exceptional panels deliver clearer and beautifully sturdy screens. The Advanced Triple XD engine delivers amazing and jaw dropping color contrast and clarity

This gadget also features:

  • Smart Share.
  • LED Smart panel full HD 1920 by 1080.
  • USB.

Buy it here.




  1. Scanfrost 40 Inch Full HD tv


This is an ultra-thin television set with energy saving resolutions and crystal clear, near life picture quality.

This neatly designed gadget is good for gaming enthusiasts and has:

  • PC audio input.
  • HDMI and VGA.
  • USB.
  • Full HD 1920 by 1080 pixels.
  • Antenna input.

Buy it here.




  1. Thermocool 32 Inch LED TV

smart tv

An Eco friendly HD TV set. This set comes with HDMI and USB for video streaming content via smartphones.

The picture quality is amazing, and makes for a good gaming experience.

This equipment is sleek and has in-built digital video broadcasting which allows access to satellite, cable and terrestrial programming.

The Multiple HDMI ensures you enjoy the ultimate home theater experience.

This TV set comes packed with:


  • 2 HDMI and   USB.
  • Automatic volume leveler that manages sudden change in volumes when switching between channels.
  • Headphone.
  • Child lock.

Buy it here.





  1. Samsung 32 Inch Full HD

smart tv samsung

A great addition to any living room, this sleek, energy efficient equipment displays crystal clear pictures. The premium build will without doubt make your living room look chic and lively whether you are playing games or watching great movies.


The state of the art technologies include:


  • USB plug and play.
  • HDMI
  • Protective scratch proof glass.
  • Energy efficient full HD.
  • Premium Sound Output.
  • Surge protector.
  • Smart TV capabilities, with total access to Wi-Fi and great apps.

Buy it here.





  1. Sharp 32 Inch HD TV


smart tv sharp

Sharp television sets have been around for ages. Like all TV manufactures, they have evolved with the latest techs found in any new generation TV set.

The sharp 32 inch HD is in the class of well-built sets with maximum entertainment in mind. It comes with full HD capabilities, and the color range and light effects is up there with its peers.

The contrast is particularly high with screen resolution of 1366 by 768.

With the XGen panel, the sharp delivers vibrant red colors at low power consumption rate.

This equipment has 2 HDMI for connectivity and 1 USB port.

A 3.5mm headphone jack.

Optical picture control to adjust to ambient room brightness.

Video mirroring and,

Analogue audio out.

Buy it here.



There you have it, our non techie focused list of great TVs for your living room experience.


I understand that most buyers struggle to fully comprehend all the jargon written about a TV set. They are just looking to buy a good television set worth it’s price.


We have cut through the fluff and gone straight to the point to present you with a list that will make your buying decision a lot easier. Any one of the TVs on this list will be a great addition to your living room décor and offer premium value for the money spent.


Please let us know what you think.