Steve G Jones’ Hypnosis For Insomnia is a more straight to the point hypnosis recording that has been critically acclaimed for helping sufferers of insomnia and sleep disorders get their lives back on track. It is available as both a download for those wanting to start immediately or on CD which takes around a week to deliver.

Hypnosis for insomnia is a hypnosis recording of soothing background music whilst Dr Steve G Jones’ guides you through the steps into a deep state of relaxation. This it is promised will “put you to sleep every night easily and effortlessly.” Using hypnosis for insomnia requires no effort other than a pair of headphones and to listen with a open mind.

Hypnosis for insomnia will according to most who have tried it work all the time and after three weeks it is claimed you will no longer need the hypnosis recording to get a proper nights sleep. I myself have tried it on the odd occasion and although i can’t say one way or the other weather the three week claim is a solid one, I can confirm that it works wonders for getting you to sleep and waking up feeling fresher and bouncier than ever.

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