The Rocket German Premium bundle was produced by Paul Weber. This system will come in extremely useful if you’re relocating to some location in which it’s good to speak German on a day-to-day basis or perhaps you are merely enthusiastic about the German culture. This is what you will discover within this program.

Part #1:

31 Interactive Audio Lessons

The Rocket German Premium Interactive Audio Course is made up of 31 tracks and the tracks are twenty five minutes long typically. Consequently you will get over fourteen hours of audio lessons. These instructions include everything to assist you to communicate effectively with folks who speak German.

Along with the tracks you also get the transcripts of the conversations. These lessons will teach you how to effectively listen and speak German. Also, with the recent improvements in the members’ area you’ll have access to a virtual environment that lets you decide what to learn; you will be able to learn German quickly with all the material available to you here. Along with the course material there are plenty of other features that add to your learning experience.

For instance, you can use the Notes’ function to create and save reminders and study notes of your own. You can access them when you want without stopping the lesson. There is also a ‘completed’ function that allows you to mark lessons as ‘completed’ as you progress through the course.

Part #2:

31 Grammar Lessons

The bundle also consists of 31 illustrated grammar lessons (one for each track of the Interactive Audio Course). These grammar lessons will help you in your journey from a newbie to an advanced level speaker.

Part #3:

MegaVocab Software Game

“MegaVocab”, is a word building game that teaches you over 1000 and a total of 20 topics. MegaVocab Creator is also a tool present in this software that lets you to add words and pictures.

Part #4:

MegaAudio Software Game

This software will help you understand the spoken word which is the most difficult thing to understand. You can learn to identify over 1,000 words in a short space of time. Before long you will be listening to your DVDs in German and understanding the entire dialogue.

Part #5:

Mega Verbs Software Game

Mega Verbs software is created for the students in particular and also for people with an intermediate to advanced level of German so that they can prepare for the questions that are always asked in tests and exams. If you are a beginner then after you complete the above mentioned courses… Mega Verbs will be the extra coaching that you get.

Part #6:

Have your own German teacher, virtually “on call” 24 hours.

If you have any questions, you can either email Paul Weber personally or post a message on the Members Only “Learn German” Forum, where your question will be answered by teachers, natives and fellow learners.

The Rocket German learning program is an effective program for anyone who seeks to learn the language. The price of the instant download is $99.95 and the Hardcopy 20-CD pack is for $ 49.95. The whole package comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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