The low G.I. diet breakthrough book, is a great diet that unlike most low carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins diet, focus’s instead on which carbs are consumed instead of carb restriction. The G.I. diet shows how to make meals and which carbs you can eat as much as you like, and witch carbs to stick to a minimum.

What does G.I. mean?

G.I. stands for the Glycemic Index, in other words its a chart, which goes from 1-1000 to with each number assigned a carb, the lower the number the more slowly the carbs are digested and released, the higher the number goes the more quickly the carbs are digested.

So why is that important?

This is important because of blood sugar, see when sugar is released to the body, insulin gets released into sugar levels, which is then sent to the part of the body were its needed. But if too higher carbs are eaten, then too much insulin gets released causing the body to:

1) To go into fat storing mode

2) Gives you an energy crash, as the body tries to make things right.

3) Cravings for more foods high in carbs causing the cycle to repeat.

Over time the body will get used to the effects of insulin, which leads to type 2 diabetes in adults, witch in itself leads onto further health problems.


The low G.I. diet is an great alternative to other carb diets, it wont ask or expect you to starve your self like some diets do. It also allows you to do things on your own terms letting you loose weight quickly or over a gradual time period. It comes as a down-loadable e-book, with 5 bonus files all which are worthwhile in addition to the main book. Rating 4/5

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