I was asked by the author of new product “The ultimate 10 day detox” if I’d be willing to give it a try and afterwords write a short review on my honest opinion. I’d recently been feeling a little down in the dumps and felt constantly tired at all the overtime I’d been working so jumped at the chance to finally try a 10 day detox, something I’d been meaning to try for a while.

The Ultimate 10 Day Detox package comes in ebook form with 3 bonus items including a subliminal mp3 called how to love your physical self, and two other ebooks ‘Dealing with stress naturally’ and ‘Boost your self esteem’. A quick search engine check showed that each of the bonus’ were worthwhile investments of their own with many positive testaments to back them up. I can’t comment myself on the bonus items as I didn’t use them but could definitely see them been useful for some.

The Ultimate 10 Day Detox ebook itself is extremely well written with each day broke down into easy to read guides on what to eat or not eat, exercise tips, recommended meals and even recipes for those meals. This is one of the things I loved about this detox, been able to still eat and not having to rely on horrible drinks and vitamin pills for your energy.

Like any detox for the body the first few days can be a little rough as your body craves for sugar and other bodily vices. I suppose everyone will be different in their reaction to the 10 day detox, I myself am a 20 a-day smoker and enjoy a drink on the weekend and yet after a nap on the third day afternoon I woke feeling brilliantly energized and full of life and from then on I seem to have a permanent smile plastered across my face and a skip in my step.

I would definitely recommend “The Ultimate 10 Day Detox” to anyone wanting to give a home detox a try and at only $17 you really can’t complain as the bonus books and mp3 are probably selling for twice that amount on some sites.

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