Those looking for an overnight cure to weight loss or muscle gain should look elsewhere now as the Truth About Abs certainly isn’t the book for those looking for a short cut. No, the Truth About Abs is for those looking for a foundation for building themselves an healthier lifestyle.

The main focus of the Truth About Abs is on full body and multi joints work outs. For me these are the plus points.

  • Fantastic range of exercises using free weights for those at both beginner and intermediate level.
  • Tons of nutritional info on what you should and should not be eating.
  • Good visual descriptions

It’s only fair I also point out the negatives.

  • Some exercises need you to be in decent shape, which you probably aren’t if your using this program.
  • The price is a little high in my opinion.

For those serious about getting trim and not scared of a little effort then the Truth About Abs is probably what you are looking for.

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