Top 5 Xbox Gaming & Racing Steering Wheels- 2017



Virtual racing games have been around for over four decades. Today, video games have evolved from the 1970s SPEED race wheels with one screen, scrolling graphics to modern-day consoles built on haptic technology.


Gaming wheels are different from gaming pads such as the Xbox one wireless controller  which are relatively affordable and suits certain categories of ardent gaming fans.


A good wheel must mimic real world, adrenalin pumping speed and the sense that one is in full control of the gaming experience. A good gamepad, great gaming mouse or an amazing keypad will truly immerse you in the full action.


The best way to get the right feel out of your beast wheel playing on gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360 Wireless Console is to decide ahead of time how you plan to use your new gadget and where you plan to mount and drive it. Ultimately your new wheels must meet your need for maximum thrill, total satisfaction and a feel of premium relaxation.


Premium gaming wheels come complete with a great design, amazing features and custom specs that make it truly unique.


Great gaming steering whhel


We tested some great wheels in the market for the Xbox console and came up with this list to help you make a quick and informed buying decision. Here are our top picks for the best Xbox racing steering wheels 2017.


  1. Logitech G920 Driving Force.   Logitech G920


This wheel is the gold winner and our top pick for the best steering wheel in the market. This machine keeps you totally immersed and was built specifically for the XBOX. The G920 is elite and different from the G29 which can plug into the PS4, PS3 and PC.

A great buy for gaming enthusiasts, it comes with top of the range features such as:

  • Hand stitched leathers.
  • Stainless steel pedals.
  • Amazing Force Feedback.
  • On-wheel D-Pad.
  • 12 console buttons and Pedal shifters.
  • Hydroplaning


This beast literally ticks all the boxes of what makes a great gaming wheel, a minor drawback being that it lacks wireless capabilities.


That said, it is a great value for the price. The vibrations and solid feel truly give an amazingly top of the range mind-blowing experience. I think that all Xbox owners who can afford it, should get themselves a G920, fasten their seat belt and have a total blast!



  1. Mad Catz Xbox wireless Force.

Mad Catz Box Wireless Force

For fans of Tekken and Street Fighter this is already a popular buying option. On the FORZA Motorsport, this wheel gives a great exhilarating performance.


The Mad catz looks chic and solid and has wireless capabilities, unlike the G920. Some of its notable features include:

  • Wireless Force Feedback.
  • Vibration technology.
  • Gear shift and shift pedals.
  • Realistic resistance.
  • Headset plug-in and accessories.


The Mad Catz is a great wheel but still relies on power outlets to run the wheel. This was a significant irritation for me, but does not in any way diminish the amazing experience that flows from using the steering. This wheel is a great buy well worth its salt.




  1. Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel Ferrari 458- Leather Edition.


Carefully molded with the iconic Ferrari branding and build, this equipment is solid, and comes with an exotic premium feel.


This beast stands almost shoulder to shoulder with the G920. It has customized support for both the Xbox one and PC.


The force feedback is responsive and totally immerses you in the thrill of a racing game. A few of the stand out features include:


  • Next generation Force Feedback.
  • Hand stitched Leather.
  • Kinetic detection.
  • T3PA 3-Pedal pedal set.


While cruising the wheel, I noticed that the pedals cannot be inverted and have a plastic feel that may become uncomfortable after a long use.


This is just a mild discomfort that takes away very little from the blazing, thrilling effect that this wheel provides. All in all, it still remains a premium buy for the money.



  1.  Fanatec CSR Elite Model.

Fanatec csr elite

The FANATEC is a gaming dream hardware with on-wheel adjustments and vibration motors that provide a real elite gaming experience. The force feedback is top-notch, offering an excitingly amazing game play.


The FANATEC CSR is a relative of the iconic PORSCHE 911 GT2 and borrows from some of that machine’s capabilities. Some of the outstanding features on this wheel include:


  • LED Display.
  • Wireless motors.
  • 2 vibration Motors.
  • 2 force feedback motors.
  • Inversion kit.
  • Adjustable pedal.


A major drawback for me is that the hardware still requires brackets. The pedals start to shift after a long ride and sometimes loose its rock solid grip.


That said, The FANATEC is truly a fantastic gaming wheel at the right price. Buyers of this machine will thoroughly enjoy using it. Every turn and bend brings out the great qualities of this brilliantly sculptured gadget.



 5.    Mad CATZ Pro Racing Force.

Mad Catz pro Racing

The Pro Racing Force is an amazing wheel with full simulation capabilities and excellent customization options. The modular designs are well suited for continuous upgrades. This steering wheel arrives with fully adjustable pedals.


With up to 900 degrees’ wheel rotation capability, this equipment mirrors the rotation possibilities found in real life racing cars.


Some of its other amazing features include:


A major drawback with this steering is seemingly plastic pedals, and the lack of that real life Clutch feel. Otherwise, this is an absolutely amazing machine that will satisfy ardent gamers racing fantasies.



In conclusion, I would like to say that a steering wheel is great if it hands you complete control and brings the gaming experience to a near real life sensation. This is what ultimately pushes a buyer to make purchase decisions.


It is easy to get confused by the many options in the market, so ReviewMansion is right here, with this list to help make that decision as easy as possible.


I hope you get the full blazing experience that you seek when you race any one of the gadgets that are on this review list.


Have you used any of the gadgets above? Do you have any great experiences that you would like to share with us? Or do you have an entirely different list and recommendations you want us to know about?


Tell me what you think.  Review Mansion would definitely love to hear from you.


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